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tv   Cubas Unfinished Spaces  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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we don't is distributing the economic rescue boat in little rock is saying this isn't a development is not the same as democracy. had . with the top stories on al-jazeera a u.s. led vote calling for free and fair elections in venezuela has failed at the u.n. security council the draft included a push to get an agent which has been blocked at the border by venezuela's military both russia and china vetoed the voters. the u.s. and north korea have failed to reach a deal in vietnam donald trump says talks were productive about the u.s. can also agree to lift all factions john young accuses washington of wasting an opportunity by rejecting its realistic proposal. if united states removes
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partial sanctions namely removes the articles of sanctions that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people in particular we will permanently and completely dismantle all of the nuclear material production facilities in the yongbyon area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts and by the joint work of technicians in both countries. told me this proposal was the biggest denuclearization vision that we could take in the present state in relation to the current level of confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the united states the new york times is reporting that the us president had ordered his chief of staff to ground his son in law and advise a top secret security clearance the report says donald trump overruled concerns by intelligence officials and the white house's top lawyer this problem to the then white house chief of staff john kelly to rice an internal memo about how he had been ordered to do it and jordan has more from washington d.c.
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. the world never would have known about the problems with cushion or security clearance a loss another white house staffer had come into some controversy and ended up having to leave his job under fire but that said and once it became known that cushion or had been working in the white house for more than a year on a temporary top secret clearance the chief of staff at the time john kelly decided that all persons working on a temporary security clearance would have their status is downgraded until their background checks could be completed according to the new york times that work was finally completed in maine two thousand and eighteen but there was unanimous agreement from the white house counsel's office to the f.b.i. to the office of personnel management office that deals with background checks saying that because of a number of christians about jerry being a viewer that they did not think he was qualified to get
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a top secret security clearance that would allow him to see almost everything that the u.s. government considers very sensitive however cushion or and his wife volga trump thought that he had been unfairly targeted by the chief of staff john kelly for political reasons they both appealed to the president according to the new york times to get a change in the security status finally the president ordered john kelly the chief of staff to give mr kushner the security clearance mr kelley apparently was so disturbed by this that according to the new york times he wrote a private memo noting that he was giving the security clearance to jericho or against his own best judgment it's worth keeping in mind that before he went to the white house john kelly had been a four star marine corps general and had some real appreciation of what it meant for someone to have a top security clearance israel's attendee general says he plans to indict prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu in three separate corruption cases national who has dismissed the allegations as politically most of aces. at least ten people have been killed in an attack apparently targeting the home of a judge in somalia's capital police say a car bomb was detonated in a plot to assassinate omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind the attack pakistan's prime minister says his country will release a captured indian pilots on friday as a gesture of peace a day earlier india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it downed two indian planes and arrested the pilots india said it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own next stop witness.
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on the group when i was young to the moon going to the ground there was a. set of ground they must undergo by me. i believe in the interval i was told and i believe it. is almost from. the citizens of obama the monkey. newgate was gone for. the revolution. the very beautiful idea to change everything to boil gain these dictators to have a very democratic thing and to have a real hornish to go through them and.
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through whatever junk that got out of it and then did an interview not about an ethical moan to say all homeowner sales number their secret of the day was d.c. have them all they can be out of course that. number from moving the family if you're going inside because i want a bicycle. don't have to pass a domino. one day was absolutely beginning of the revolution fidel castro arrived to the country
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club. to he she didn't belong at all. with cheney. and they decided to play golf. the country club was most socratic lobby to have. so all be all members that were paid golf wear horrified. and suddenly feel castro said to secure very large share if we could good homes so if students of art in this magnificent landscape. they finished playing golf and they went out to everyone in their car and in one street various woman walking she was a great revolutionary was an architect. certainly feel castro sees her he sees the
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show first thought now maybe simone the moment that in a very meek carol they won't know not a terrible place is going to feel if i live in the manor mikado get on for phone there very quickly. it doesn't mean that they run out in the sun so far. as i'm going to. the planet and them i'm going to the royale and now i don't know where i'm not sure name. in those i merely say this. can escape. horrific well as they are. they moved on and that day i had a cocktail in my house and i had a lot of friends. i was. not invited arrived to my house they didn't know now when . to do. it there was no limit of money everything i
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says of course they like it today must you want it yes i like it i want to do it well then you have to end the project in two months to begin the construction i said but it's impossible if you take it or leave it i said i take it. of course. at that moment i couldn't do that there were five schools of thought i couldn't do the five a school in the fall because they were terribly big so i decided to call to architects who were friends of mine to italian architects who were be told you were out. of the work that. you're going to see any kind of the power of a really sweet water stark's it out in the us can be. you who needs to i had to make revolution but in
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a very soft way you see i never fought. i don't think i am going to fight with guns i fight with a.b.s. that sold. to me straight in a casino when i see it today it. took a walk it. was just almost recession. that'll be a. year. in the. mill. and then i. think we're. going to thank you. bill. be the little that you think i want to talk i don't know. what i don't like it on them i'm feeling as i go on what they really have been able to go through but
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he made up to me to put on. those new. to do. what you have been made me who i me yet i'm being i'm going to have to. carry i want to put off. going to get set up being. a little pushy ideate or. don't they don't ya know. that a short bad. it was not true we want to different for cuba. and persona in city hall says in the scene who. need to be frank and of course.
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some of. them being coming on board a couple they will know spoke through. a monologue and those who. have your own upmost and. an old friend that are in this ng. it is pretty and. not evolution whole when it is in to you then you. it was an emotional one opinion against those two young kids a tell how most ball and country club if you're going to. be more
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do you simply not you don't know. that all. of that all part of the that not that i'm a lot of believe people a billiard ball. green more than our home. on the day and audi are important too and no more do you all so if we seen that. then he got to i saw that it. was through your support i told him you see him come to the left as i don't see movement and. i don't plan to get i mean i'll get up ok and i would rather not remain a movie. we
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began to wark all the night all day and at the end of the two melissa's the project was straining for through. the. end. was a moment in which brick was cheaper and there was not so most seven. what. do you eat that any other work of that on a body yes. the couple had all the. info to turn this thing
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this is. on this group the most gays. in the show is down saying you're young. and going to be seen which in your mind. they're bored out of atlanta and then minister with the same. question i asked you know when i sure i sure don't but wished. to say but if i don't will change don't really don't want to get in here i'm sure more than. he put an arc of the form of let's say see it's a can on board lord continued and he became to one piece of very flat break to paste one with your that and so he began to do the first part and then the northern one and the northern went on till he had five pieces of breached levees
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and it was the way he did it. there's a gig to delegate i will give it the i mean i know you're much better all around with her there said we are very early on indefinitely you are gay your football that out for me a broad look at a literal way of course and all that all of which will fall out of your look at em . like where you are from here in the willis building to. think that i mean well but they don't in the know of other than clubs and. then when i mention and they add they enter both lawyer they add they come back. nothing in the set of them where they got a date i mean they'll never know yet i was young and i see yet another mom dymov
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end of it by getting all that. on imo but i think that happy that. i only get a bit out. supercilious. illiquid it will be me are they going to quit i will know as they will be idyllic way to be only one of us the only and the most to go ping boy they had been so normal under the hood. there was one of them saying that i am letting me out i ming in the. bathroom would have been made up and now i know it will be someone having a fight and that. i think one of the more we may have to do some of the. there was but he went on well you know what he was so yeah no there isn't but he
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meant with those on your arms where they're going to do with your get real mean this one yeah. and when i ran it through it without bought out the thought that it was genuine even. going to kinescope for something or see an all around me yet i got to take on more of a lot of. dawlish when i'm not gaining one topping sleep on. the dog going into radio city or elise thank you for your own. advice your.
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bring me david i. know i have done right they would be on michael moore. rocket to go shot one tall one caught again or cutting it all to your own. your way oh that's great i mean more laney's as young people. not know until they are able to have them no i don't process of being as you're
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sure it has it that boehner said of the possible idea that. the. bigger is bigger you're nothing or less your idea or recorded of what is a bowl of eating to go over history or so book or total i try to make the school of plastic art as the image of a goddess of fertility called or. so i put a lot of breasts indicating in the doldrums i built. just as breasts of a woman. for mean this moment of this girl of art was the kind of there no revolution because it was the remand tickle moment of the revolution i wanted to express something new
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the atmosphere of i felt in cuba during the revolution the entrance became just like the fifty percent explosion that is what they used to feel this kind of says sation that could kunai million people in need. to enter in a place in which you have very angular pillars and this peelers when they arrive to the piazza they go in different direction and i wanted to express another sensation i fare during this moment is the fear of that something terrible could happen.
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it could very well put on for a little more interest. if it was a. bomb but i think. you know what revolution passed from a romantic a moment after that to moment it becomes a rule and it's very different you know. everything. about it and. more and more to where was near soviet union more they wanted to use the same
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systems as the soviet union and one of the sisters of the sort of you to your new easy very stupid system of free fabrication. and they began to make buildings and make buildings and make belief with every cage that was where absolutely all for and on are bullied because there are many there are contradictions. on heroin. and. they proceed and you are only fish will enjoy them prefer. i mean it's a little to feel they yell so i could take the camel guesses said a yell of the sun that could take the kimono resembled a good. one of his own one of many organising shill hero i don't own but i don't know. i don't have one talent for war.
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and i don't need to get there. we are stuck in fact who ought to know what i mean we. are no shot. i. swear still less than a supporting actor. and. even possibly a matter of your head i can handle your look at bordeaux see him from there are probably. initials and you'll the only letter that. there's a lot of them is for. thing i want to add he said but i gather thing is that. modern even in the. i think. there's better than that exhibit and.
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it's a real gauge of the. big really is am and socially my own being who are in take lead to get over to the other conflicts because if the eloquence and all the other. police are going to come back at us to be being alarmed but it's a boy. here c.n.n. earlier tentacle me. there where they will begin to tell us are they up to quality to be only that is that going to you know will. they put on. weight but can proceed on the low. absolute that. yes they will by some up for much talk or say it's a mean trick of us are pulling us on the. where there isn't
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much or. this. and many of these students who were taking out i continued to give classes in my house. because i didn't agree with. a local waddle israel should get us all of. the muscle you build up a lot of money for. you for problem for with us i used to tell the other architects don't lose your time making this movie did they try to do things fast because perhaps one day it's going to be stopped. again this year pre-med means to pay it all which eventually see if this.
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ship and. i don't i'm going to just queda others here but i don't less money but there are no other portable you know it's just like you proceed kafka you see one day when they you know that something is not going very well and then you realize that you have been accused of something and then you realize that you have been judge it and then you realize that you are guilty and nobody tells you. outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away the lists of covert military in the financial documents you see the people in those words let's policies are affected see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living
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in that's fine all the u.s. can identify with the story. the christian priest if you are a friend of the palestinians is a true effect of everybody and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. for his beliefs. al-jazeera wild tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano.
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hello i'm a star with the headlines on al-jazeera a u.s. led vote calling for free and fair elections in venezuela has failed at the u.n. security council the draft included a push to get an aid which has been blocked at the border by venezuela's military both russia and china vetoed the both the vote meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader is still out of the country building support among south american neighbors brazil's president reinforced his backing of quieter at a meeting in brasilia the u.s.
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and north korea have failed to reach a deal in vietnam donald trump says talks were productive but the u.s. cannot agree to lift all sanctions accuses washington of wasting an opportunity by rejecting its realistic proposal israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu in three separate corruption cases netanyahu has dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. individual. for three years they have been conducting a political witch hunt into the witch hunt which aims to topple when government would bring to probe the leftist party of libido and guns but put inhumane pressure on the state attorney general the new york times is reporting that the us president had ordered his chief of staff to grant his son in law and advisor jared kushner a top secret security clearance the report says donald trump overruled concerns by intelligence officials and the white house's top lawyers this problem to then white
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house chief of staff john kelly to write an internal memo about how he had been ordered to do it. at least ten people have been killed in an attack apparently targeting the home of a judge in somalia's capital police say a car bomb was detonated in a prop to assassinate other shia omar the chief judge of somalia's appeals court says it was behind the attack pakistan's prime minister says his country will release the captured indian pilots on friday as a gesture of peace a day earlier india and pakistan said they shot down each other's fighter jets in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says it downed to indian planes and arrested the pilot india said it shot down one pakistani aircraft and lost one of its own those are the headlines the news continues here after witness do stay with us.
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yes they are actually pretty committed here you know. if the entire football v.d.u. going tonight it will be sure solidly. going to zero but i might be a few c.d.'s became i tell you i guess dolly on. the way. but little do you want to assume that what goes into it will go on. if you know. this you will get that you haven't a single your what a local dia. the are you also one of the be able to support aisa but i will humbly your love and my will are they are things. in effect
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a man in me turn to stone. i really i think that the names here. and loudly personally that i nor. inside likely things i could take both out of the big book or load it the middle saying you don't hear any and will not be in good order for world. and it worked until still. one of them by my age i go more like a pig and going to take them a third time go like you think if you read for me and see. hear quando many thirty year kubelik already big too don't know where to go like a big time again i care about the main point it will be your. your items alone no if you don't think. it was me she for my boss. and of course he if he everything he could do we gave me. to to speak
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me in a very disagreeable way he used to do it on the sets. and don't step on the walking. iraq was the only thing i don't know how long now you were in a store or. knew that something was wrong i understood that no more was going to be built by my hand so i was going to lose my life and i love my life i don't want to lose it not because they're willing to kill me but because i wouldn't do anything else but i made a very individual architecture and they wanted soviet architecture and as i was forbidden i couldn't work anymore and make it a chore i had to do awful things they were doing and i decided to leave cuba.
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there's a lot to do not put your c.d.'s. in our little same time. like i said take a look at him. you know better paul michael we neuer greasy more. all along the money put it on fact and own up our own not really a bank account all impulse on your own go on by years so he got on annoying part time to part of. a minority i work with and said oh mental manic i don't there on your cd. ok here we don't know he come into going to start being it will take it then. it be said he had to know the kind of theater he plays so
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many and i don't. own him place to go to. the us so we're going to really add many more with the regulators he. already did that. made you say let's give it to them to stop them from going to made you on the feeling. somehow the wake of it with no your intended no will get the new yorkers ready. to go if we do all quartermaster. and i'm going to minister hill and a complete i mean filter on the internet. it will usually i'm going to be a strong physical. and there it's our whole being at home was the.
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cargo the prime directive to the man who to a show he said i'm going in a studio to tell you how that department too pretty panel there where to. look at both of them directly from a building we could find on one of us one of them when i don't mean the he can if it be doable i would ask you on it you could pull it maybe third in a seal would say your plan i like us are they going to because you see discipline saddam care if you are being a cause of over there and the local issue and all interested in asia i want to say . out of my home state. and you are check out a copy the second i would stay stuck out a copy i was still needs more in to say there i don't know what i say look you mean to apply the i don't really see.
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because at the base of the most are going to write about. if you feel inferior oh. you will call. it a word younger not just anybody. like what i have to. eat only come in. for us jumpy as a kid he's willing to do a simple idea into the same. hours i clearly see that i'm going to say. but i'm here. by phone why no. swimming
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pool is your friends with the case followed up with the things you got. grants in your revolution only told and fans only told you. so you. were going to give it a go to. show. that we can you think i remember i had given no. cause. now i find ironic i thought. difficult economic all the articles who came out of cuba where reason you're alone. he decided what to say and what was more and what was in more messy data was more. of the story was almost ninety percent finished. and the
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first downs of the cuban belly alysia long one day she arrives and she says i don't like it no more ballet here. she took the bullet out of it tory and they left the school of victoria dying. in a moment to ship out all our talent on a mysterious because they said one of. you know i watched. it or not but in right now. they try to use all the tory force cool. could use a circus for simple says to this you know or socialist countries believe very mushy syracuse's they love this kind of thing i will make it so much but anyway they love
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it. and i'm probably going to be in battle. i told we should. all know who will be totally over the rope in telling the syrian syrian go to lucille's. you know he did not apply need to have a hierarchy to say sorry if you. may hear of the production of this. money and go no go. was probably about it. now yeah. i mean the second thing that i understood.
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it. on the site. when i said i gotta write the thesis. that i've got it the most is that i've yet to be up on the fifth you know i know one of them but. i wonder where area of caution we're taking total shine your please do not the new crowd to our choice so there you are yourself way but were a macau mon close to your own and clearly said program of their life they reappear on huntin or just in. i thought might he now.
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but it becoming going to be i guess our out of it i want to hear org i don't know what i might be. in doesn't begin to see knowing through it all in the awful it couldn't be good no they haven't think what the internet they got to misapply so on dhamma the invisible if not in all the em that i'm fourth and. into going to push him and we're gone not because to animal assumed to have ceased reasonable only when we model not only him.
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though look at their own evil. we think they get into this where they have to get even though i have been. those who are. you going to get and i mean you know i did today or see joe movies you know one group will be the big game they will draw america. this year could get the yeah on this it would be you know it is going to have to bear ok. for a little if you. but they still better hope for the benefit of the tour guides were
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not been cooperative and they came up with a whole series of reasons you know the bust and the have sort of far away or will be interrupted classes there could be a set of good as great there will never know. which of us on. having propensity of we say hinting that is there is credit. and he said look if you're really interested in learning about him i'll come and pick you up tomorrow and take you out there from other than the immediate. so he thought it was to winning the. national through the multiple feed us english grade up. i think one of the most profound things that roberto said that really resonated as he was walking through them he says will the spite the poor treatment despite deterioration he felt that the schools still embodied all hope for the future and all the enthusiasm that they had at the beginning of their design. thus began the whole saga
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the book came about. having to leave really new missing and knowing she had to get across a new job to me before they want to. send. but i don't the. memory you can do now with. my thought on that you're in big there said well you have to go this is you know the national schools of art and he made it he took us there literally and that time it was very easy to go there it was all open so we just went in and met some students walked around and we said this is so absolute something to be preserved why is being preserved i mean this is extremely interesting and incredible architecture and return explain that at that time the country was not so interesting it wasn't paying that much attention to that kind of architecture and particular to the schools of our
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september of annoying the loss of color salim probably got us in the last year momentum on you know a national schools of art where one of the first modern sites that came into our watch list. richard called draw on a show to australia show the whole issue of premier over there if you do them again mckay more points don't you know mean to. do if you were going to. last but i would just temper it's a good thing do you know then i thought ok now we're going to really try to do something. and fortunately because of the embargo we were not able to actually fund work at the site directly which what was their intention that's what we really would up like to do at that time for our hands were tied in order to be able to support sites in cuba we would jump at the opportunity.
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if you are able to sort of. you this year because you're angry and we were. ok you don't really know where i mean the. owner of the idea. is that. there was a reunion at the union of artists and writers about what they were going to. be high school. instead of new undergone so i want to. do it only if like everybody. but i think at the new york we're not going to where all those. who are saying that are going to. get. the early going to put up on
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it can already numb it to the end but if we saw it step on the way that can help. i'm buying international. we're going to tell you i don't know if i'm going journalism if you tell me i mean they're going to jump on the show has thought about it. for a letter put up another question get them into the order would you. consider moving . well you have to monitor you have to see one joke on. your part because i'm sure. joe for the p.t.'s rebel and she delegate a little caylee a needle in the quantum seal or gabrielle up a solar. last nor we have put it there you know country where the caller said fido . very you will be over the pool you have big guns to review. and they
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convince the table that what they have to do was soviet union architecture and now they realize that all these prefer a case of not adopted to the u.n. climate and that these results they're what they did. i think the shape of mind you can change of mind i have change of mind so many times in my life until twenty one and. i don't believe that you know we learn more we act. well and i want to. eat. in oregon. thank. you. one day selma the king called me so here we are and
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said regard to go today to air france and to buy the ticket for the first plane coming to have. a lot of very beautiful species throughout my schools were fired wish i am grateful. and they are restoring my school so far. and no be very interesting to see them about me today. in a simple circular ball all going to have an hour for a mentor. this is a very beautiful classroom this is the mural painting class room. with the new for the poster. collectors for the. kids what official in the meet at that. don't know not.
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yet though it don't look a solid part of the. sim and. that is what i want to go to festivity to be a goes to fifty with the for the for young people. yeah there are single jago those critters can't get me out here i mean look at me and. your spirit will just sign you. being so good she said i was too good to. see a whimper it took it up to know where it oh great again i see you in on this my.
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but both of them was all till six at zero six in the single player congress had been able to see and. i'm going to have the most i will to really look at them. and i suppose a book. so i could get him k.k.k. ohen to me that he and the other main thing i said i existed a proud was a less square go all i want to fight is a simple no not that i meant that no mableton was found innocent good ok your i mean they will not be shown if it ain't them my mother who are they cool with that they are throw that out if they do that it will. catch trace who knows how to teach the national put planted there. to catch your eyes to your key and it's going to compress the. i know he only warhol the world but can always only suppose your own toes and belly. in a joking when i think it through the brains beat out of
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a whole other set of teeth. and a perfect. leg on the other daughter the more sick or the gum up the room the scene the apt back by ninety nine k.m.'s you know they are going to see what made you. want to look one of the. at the. at the car. at the grove so i said joe. now you. may see one you know. they have their parents or the famous in them you know a few men in a year. or so maybe your. age
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. since slave abuse among the. supply of too many of these good
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after a lifetime of servitude a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead an abolitionist movement of electrifying force. driven by her vivid recollections of subjugation. my memory is my power a witness documentary on a. hello again and welcome back we're here cross the western part of knight states we have been talking about the rain as well as the flooding going on across parts of central and northern california now the good news is that storm is speaking its way
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towards the east and we're going to be seeing much better weather across much of the west coast so here's your forecast on friday a lot of that flooded area just to the north of san francisco partly cloudy conditions here on friday unfortunately as we go towards saturday we do have another weather system coming in out of the pacific now most of the rain will be towards central and southern parts of california but they're flooded area could as well see some more rain as we go towards saturday night and into sunday here towards easter we're looking at better conditions for new york with a temperature of about four degrees for you there across much of the caribbean it is going to be clear or dry partly cloudy conditions across much of the area what we're seeing here is those high clouds with a temperature of towards savannah of about twenty nine degrees maybe a passing shower towards nasa at twenty seven and as we go down here towards panama city it is going to be a cloudy day with temperatures into the low thirty's and then across parts of one as that is it is going to be a hot day for you attempted there of thirty but no rain in your forecast up towards
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rio that is where the front is twenty eight degrees there and it's sunshine a very warm day if you attempt this into the mid thirty's. for some it's murder say for others it's a way of life. a battle is raging between the whaling industry and conservationists as the future of whaling in icelandic waters is decided. people in power are killing whales on a jersey of. al-jazeera
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. where every. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm the stars it's hey and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a call for new elections in venezuela falls short at the u.n. security council. president walks away from his summit meeting with north korea but says talks between the two sides will continue. israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin.


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